How To Build Traffic Using Facebook?

It seems like a hot internet marketing trend where everyone talks about using Facebook to draw traffic. But how does one do that exactly? This article will show you how exactly you can use Facebook to get visitors and dispel some myths about Facebook Traffic.

There is a common myth about this internet marketing trend. The first thing abouttraffic building with Facebook, is that most of Facebook traffic comes from viral traffic. You see, what most people do not know about the ads on the sidebar of Facebook, is that it is usually a blind spot for most people. However, many people still advertise on the sidebar to maximise all advertising options.


That being said, lets look at how we can draw massive amounts of targeted trafficusing Facebook.

1) Creating a fan page for your business.

This is the first step to promoting your business, brand or website. By creating a fan page, you give fans the opportunity to follow your updates and also interact with each other.

2) Spreading by word of mouth

Unfortunately, you cannot add friends like an ordinary Facebook member or add followers like twitter. The only way to get fans is to network with others. Invite your friends of the same circle to join and ask them to encourage others to support you. Join related networks to your niche and start promoting your page.

3) Actively engage your followers

Update your fan page status every few days (everyday if possible) and encourage them to join the conversation under the discussion tab. Post cool videos or articles which might interest them and ask them to discuss or leave comments.

4) Hold competitions

Organise competitions and offer attractive offers or discounts. Doing this will really get the buzz out on your fan page and encourage people to participate actively.

5) Link twitter to your Facebook page

Use the link twitter application to link your twitter updates on your Facebook. This saves time and also allows Facebook fans to actively follow your updates on twitter.

6) Create a page badge

Create a page badge and put it on your blogs, websites, signatures to promote your fan page

7) Create fan page badges for your followers

Giving your fans a fan page badge makes them feel appreciated and engages them in your community.

8) Market your page

Spread the word about your fan page on your blog, website, other blogs, forums, networking sites and twitter.

Most importantly, ask what is in it for them. Always strive to create truckloads of value for your fans and if they like your stuff, they will tell all their friends about it.

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